The Wilderness

Many people regularly go hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and do all sorts of outdoor things and I can understand why they love the outdoors; but when city people go camping, or rent a cabin for a couple of weeks, the difference of being in the woods with nature all around us has a profound effect on each one of us.

The very first thing that is noticed is the quiet of the wilderness. Sometimes the solitude just screams at us and it makes my ears ring without the city noises polluting our senses. The decibels produced by the sound of traffic alone can be deafening, and add to that, construction, machinery, people, and loud music makes one almost want to scream for it to stop, which would not be heard above all the city noise. That’s why the first thing noticed is the quiet. At first one seems oblivious to the natural sounds that are heard in the woods; but once settled into the new environment for a couple of hours, you begin to notice the pleasant sounds of the different birds and the animals out there in the woods. Not only are their sounds noticeable but you’ll feel that your heart is calm, and you begin to know your sanity is returning to you.

I relish the first few hours of solitude that is felt as I sit on the porch and take in the sounds of nature and see the many birds and spot the animals making those pleasant noises. They scurry here and fly there taking care of their lives, and no one bothers them. They don’t even seem to notice you being there, and they continue with their lives gathering food and chattering to each other and warning others to possible dangers.

It makes one take notice and remember that in the grand scheme of the creation man is only a speck of dust in the eyes of our Creator. Yet He is everywhere around us and so is His magnificence. We see color, we taste many different flavors, and smell fresh air, and a variety of odors. Man is at the top of the food chain. Our God has created all these things for mankind’s pleasure. Much thought and planning went into the design of the heavens, the earth, and life. A need to worship something has been built into us and at times like these the desire to thank our Creator is a top priority that we automatically have and fulfil at a time such as this.

It’s a time to contemplate our lives, where we have been, where we are today, and where we are going in the future. Our lives are too short to care about color of skin, the people of different cultures and nationalities. They are the same as we are, want the same things we do, want peace, and have no fears in their lives.

Have you ever been to the ocean and seen firsthand the mammoth sea creatures? On a small boat watching a pod of Orcas, coming up to watch us as we watch them? They swim in front of us and in circles within the circle of boats. They breach the water and sometimes they come so close to us that you cannot help but feel so intimidated by the sheer size of them in comparison to us. Even their babies are immense and intimidating. At least that is how I feel each time I see them up close in their own habitat.

Now, just think about how huge they are and how capable of coming up under a boat and tipping it over. The people thrown into the water with them, that would be a terrifying act to be caught in. Yet, that is not their normal behavior. They are wild animals and at times they become wild for a reason that only they know, but it is out of the ordinary for them to become wild. They are just as curious about us as we are of them.

Think of all the animals’ others have seen that are mammoth in size. It is not built into them to kill, except for food; and there are large and small animals that are not meat eaters. Don’t you think that takes forethought and planning, and a knowledge of how the elements work to have a balanced ecosystem?  The earth, and life itself was created with everything it needed to sustain itself. It is mind boggling to me. We will never have the knowledge that our God has; it is as simple as that.

But life and all the glorious creation is all around us no matter where we are on the earth. I’ve not been out of North America, but I love to travel in my recliner. There is serenity on this earth outside of the cities; and everywhere you go there is silent beauty.

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